To accept a pending order:

  1. Open the Easocare for Pharmacy App
  2. Go to the Orders tab
  3. Click on the order you wish to fulfill

These are the statuses for an order:

  1. Received
  2. Edited
  3. Order Accepted - Payment Pending (Only in Online Orders)
  4. Order Confirmed
  5. Out for Delivery (Only in delivery orders)
  6. Ready for Pickup (Only in pickup orders)
  7. Order Delivered (Only in delivery orders)
  8. Order Picked up (Only in pickup orders)

If the status is 'Received', you can

  • Accept the order
  • Edit the order

If the status is 'Edited', you need to wait till the customer confirms the changes or you can cancel the order

If the status is 'Order Accepted - Payment Pending', the customer needs to complete the online payment in order to confirm the order. It is a good practice to generate a bill and pack the order ONLY after the status is 'Order Confirmed'

If the status is 'Order Confirmed', you can fulfill the order and change the status to either 'Out for Delivery' (if it's a delivery order) or 'Ready for Pickup' (if it's a pickup order)

Delivery Order

Pickup Order

If the status if 'Out for Delivery', you can click on 'Order Delivered' ONLY when the order has been successfully delivered to the customer

If the status if 'Ready for Pickup', you can click on 'Order Picked Up' ONLY after the order has been picked up by the customer