There are cases when the manufacturer would have changed the MRP in the newest batch which you have received at your medical store but our databases wouldn't have been updated. In such cases, you can check the MRP of the medicine with your latest stock and edit the order.

There are 2 ways to edit the order:

  1. Before you accept the order, click on Edit Order
  2. After accepting, if the payment hasn't been received, click on Edit button

To change the price of a medicine, you can select the MRP and enter the new MRP. Please note that the discount would also change accordingly. If you wish to change the discount of the item but retain the MRP to be the same, select the discounted price of that item and change accordingly. Once you have changed, kindly click on Save Changes to save and notify your customer via WhatsApp

Your order can only go further if the customer agrees to the change. He/She can also call you to clarify the order details